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Last night Jim Venables, Managing Director of, voiced his opinions on the first 100 days of the coalition government in a live discussion on BBC Radio West Midlands.

As a guest on the Paul Franks show, Jim spoke at length about the changes being introduced and proposed by the coalition government. With the serviced office space market closely linked to the SME sector, Jim explained that he believed the effects of the governmentΓÇÖs actions on both of these markets would only become fully clear in 2011.

In favour of the governmentΓÇÖs swift actions and decisions during the first 100 days – of what they hope will be a fixed 5 year term – Jim explained that the fact they were willing to take action was positive and preferable to a government simply ΓÇ£sitting on the fenceΓÇ¥.

Whether their decisions will pan-out in the long-term does however remain in the balance, with Franks inviting Jim back in six months to explore the drip effect of the governmentΓÇÖs austerity measures on the serviced office and SME sector.

If you would like to listen to Jim on BBC Radio West Midlands, you can do so by following the link below to the BBC iplayer where the show can be heard in full.

JimΓÇÖs interview can be found around 1 hour into the show.

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