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Blog Make London Office Search “easy and enjoyable” Make London Office Search “easy and enjoyable”

The Gherkin, City of London – The new home of Finantix

But with the help of Kirsty Lees,’s experienced Senior Account Manager for the Central London region, the job suddenly became much easier.

“Finding a suitable serviced office space in London is not an easy task – where to start, and how to find what you are looking for?” commented Monika Baker, FinantixΓÇÖs Office Manager.

“Or, at least that is what you may think.”

She continued: “Very soon after I talked to Kirsty about our requirements and plans, I received a comprehensive list of available properties. Top quality, well maintained offices, best locations.”

Having provided a number of offices which suited Monika’s requirements, of which they needed an office suitable for 12 – 14 people located in the Cannon street area and the City, Kirsty then advised on the best matches and helped Monika to arrange viewings of each property.

Having spoken to the centre managers and toured a number of buildings, Monika commented on how “easy and enjoyable” the search process had turned out to be – a far cry from the difficult and time-consuming task that she had initially expected.

Finantix – provider of component based multi-channel software solutions

She added: “In addition, Kirsty regularly followed up on our progress and ensured that we would not miss the best deals nearby.”

One of the centres that stood out to Monika from the start was at 30 St Mary’s Axe, London’s iconic landmark that also goes by the name of ‘The Gherkin’. Following tours of the space available, it was soon decided that this was to become the new home for Finantix – and the team are due to move in during July of this year.

Apart from being a globally recognisable landmark, the property occupies an excellent location in the City – the heart of the capital’s financial district. This offers an ideal solution for Finantix, who regularly work with clients from the banking, insurance and wealth management sectors.

To find out more about Finantix’s solutions, visit their website at or email the team on

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