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The product is designed to help office space providers raise the profile of their buildings on the website, whilst also assisting clients looking for office space in the decision making process.

Dan Baldwin has been coordinating the project for and comments:

ΓÇ£The first real milestone on the way to successfully selling an office is booking a viewing. Historically, photographs have been the predominant tool used to help achieve this milestone, but with all the recent steps forward in modern, moving image media and the increased access everyone has to viewing it such as and video playing mobile phones, people now realise that the best way to show a building isnΓÇÖt to take 5 or 6 photos and cross their fingers that they are the right photoΓÇÖs for that client, itΓÇÖs to create a video tour of the building that shows the client every single good point the building has to offer!

Create a video tour of the building that shows the client every single good point the building has to offer!

Dan Baldwin,

The benefits are obvious, but the problem has always been the prohibitive costs attached to creating a video tour of a high enough standard so as not to end up doing more harm than good ΓÇô get it wrong and you can end up giving a really bad impression!! My research showed that a video tour with a soundtrack and voiceover can run into many thousands of pounds!

Consequently, we are very excited to be working with as they have enabled us to offer a top end product to our office providers but at a fraction of the traditional costs!

Video Tours have already improved user experience on the website, enabling this third dimension to the search process.” have already experienced excellent feedback on the video tours, having trialed them in areas of Birmingham, London, Manchester and other office space hotspots.

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