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As the UKΓÇÖs leading independent broker to the serviced office industry, has an active and ever growing relationship with the local and national press.

From capturing the thoughts of office workers and business owners, to generating unique and unrivaled research into the UKΓÇÖs serviced office market ΓÇô is constantly looking to add value and insight via regular press releases.




  • Estates Gazette
  • ΓÇô Edinburgh Office Space

    Coverage of the Edinburgh City Focus report published by as part of its quarterly research series.

  • Daily Mail
  • ΓÇô Would you take a pay cut to save a colleague?

    Coverage of our survey which asked just what people would be willing to give up first in tough times.

  • The Express
  • ΓÇô Most would take paycut to save workmate

    A look at how people would navigate the ethical maze when faced with tricky questions based on our survey results.

  • The Telegraph
  • ΓÇô Workers Ruthless Streak Revealed

    Coverage of our survey: Four in ten workers would rather see a colleague made redundant than take a pay cut themselves, a new survey shows.

  • The Press Association
  • ΓÇô Pay war breaks out in the office

    A total of 38% said they would be willing to see a workmate lose their job than see their own pay packet suffer, according to an poll.

  • AOL Money
  • ΓÇô Pay war Breaks out in Office

    Nearly two fifths of office workers would rather see a colleague made redundant to maintain or increase their own salary, an survey has revealed.

  • This is Money
  • ΓÇô Recession compassion

    Two thirds would take pay cut rather than see colleague axed as revealed by the latest survey from


  • The Metro
  • ΓÇô Business on the Box

    Coverage of our survey which polled business leaders on the impact on businesses of shows such as Dragons’ Den and The Apprentice

  • ΓÇô Ego Space

    A look at the difference between the office space initially requested by firms and the reality of what they finally select.


  • The Sunday Times
  • ΓÇô How I Made It MD Jim Venables became the subject of this regular feature on business leaders.

  • Estates Gazette
  • ΓÇô Space for a Tank?

    From the odd to the extreme, Estates Gazette take a look at some of the unique requests from office space hunters

  • ΓÇô You Need an Office for What?

    A light-hearted look at some of the odder requests we get from those looking for office space.

  • ΓÇô Top 10 Office Requests

    A look at some of the stranger requests we get here at from those looking for office space.

    JULY 2011

  • The Scotsman
  • ΓÇô Edinburgh Office Space

    Report covering the finding of our Q2 2011 research on the serviced office market in Edinburgh.

  • BBC News
  • ΓÇô Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Coverage of our latest research comparing the serviced office markets in Scotland’s two largest cities.

  • Herald Scotland
  • ΓÇô Glasgow & Edinburgh

    Comparing the serviced office markets in Scotland’s two largest cities during the opening 6 months of 2011.

  • Edinburgh Evening News
  • ΓÇô Edinburgh Office Space

    Additional coverage of the finding from our Q2 2011 research on the activity across Edinburgh’s serviced office.

    JUNE 2011

  • Manchester Evening News
  • ΓÇô Salford Quays & MediaCityUK

    A look at the current and long-term impact of the arrival of the BBC in Salford Quays.

  • ΓÇô Central London Recovery

    Coverage of our prediction on price recovery in the Central London Market and its expected spread to the rest of the UK.

  • The Guardian
  • ΓÇô Salford Quays

    A look at the state of the serviced office market in Salford Quays and the impact of the BBC move to MediaCityUK.

    MAY 2011

  • Business Insider
  • ΓÇô The Shortest Week

    Another look at the impact of the additional bank holiday created by the Royal Wedding on UK businesses

  • Yorkshire Evening Post
  • ΓÇô Office Space Take-up Rises

    A focus on the office market in Central Leeds via our quarterly research

  • BBC News
  • ΓÇô Babies in the Workplace

    Having filmed and broadcast a feature on our Babies at Work experiment, BBC News also posted an article to their website.

    APRIL 2011

  • ΓÇô Do Business & Babies Work

    Coverage of our in office experiment, which saw members of the team bringing their babies into the office to explore the reality and impact of this upon day-to-day business.

  • The Independent
  • ΓÇô Another royal wedding killjoy

    A report discussing the decision of our MD, Jim Venables, NOT to close down the office on the day of the Royal Wedding.

  • The Telegraph
  • ΓÇô Workers to Miss Out on Royal Wedding

    In an article exploring the decision of many UK firms to not acknowledge the additional public holiday attached to the Royal Wedding, took centre stage!

  • Manchester Evening News
  • ΓÇô Office Lettings Surge

    Following the release of our City Focus report looking at market activity in Central Manchester, the Manchester Evening News reported on the findings within their property section.

  • BBC News
  • ΓÇô Business and the Royal Wedding

    More coverage of our decision not to close down on the day of the Royal Wedding!

  • Sheffield Star
  • ΓÇô Huge Rise in Take-up for Offices

    A report looking at the changing market condition in Sheffield City Centre as shown by our quarterly research series.

  • Estates Gazette
  • ΓÇô The Serviced Office Market

    Coverage of our quarterly research from one of the UK’s leading property publications

    MARCH 2011

  • The Guardian
  • ΓÇô A landmark legal case

    Following a landmark legal case against a fellow serviced office broker, which focused on the copying of unique content created by, The GuardianΓÇÖs ΓÇ£Technology NewsbucketΓÇ¥ provided coverage of the case.

  • Estates Gazette
  • ΓÇô High Court Legal Action

    More coverage of the landmark legal case followed in Estates Gazette, with the well-renowned property publication featuring the story in both print and through its online Blog.

  • The i
  • ΓÇô Sleeping on the Job

    Highlighting the results of our working habits survey, The i focused on the fact that 1 in 10 office workers had admitted to sleeping overnight in the office and that 45% of workers regularly took work home with them.

  • The Times
  • ΓÇô High Court Legal Action

    Yet more coverage of our successful High Court action after the copying of unique content created by ΓÇô This time it was The TimeΓÇÖs Legal Editor who chose to cover the story.

  • Business refuses to close for Royal wedding

    With the decision made by not to shut-up shop for the Royal Wedding, Real Business paid attention and asked their readers to provide comment on the controversial extras bank holiday.


    FEBRUARY 2011

  • The Telegraph
  • ΓÇô 31 minutes at office before we start working

    Following our survey looking at Brits and their working habits, The Telegraph featured the results in both its Sunday edition and on its website.

  • BBC World Service (Brazil)
  • ΓÇô Working Habits

    Proving that office shenanigans have an international appeal, the BBC World Service in Brazil also featured the results of our survey exploring the working habits of office workers.

  • Estates Gazette
  • ΓÇô Serviced Office Research

    Following the release of our exclusive and unique research into the UKΓÇÖs serviced office market, leading property publication Estates Gazette reported on our data as part of its commercial property coverage.

  • The Daily Star
  • ΓÇô Water Cooler Moments

    After asking office workers which celebrity was the hottest-topic around the water cooler in our survey, the Daily Star picked-up on the fact that Cheryl Cole was considered far more gossip worthy that fellow X-Factor judge Simon Cowell ΓÇô leading to our surveyΓÇÖs results featuring in print and online.


    New coverage will be added as it occurs…

    For all media enquiries please contact London PR

    Tel: 0207 193 0566


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