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Blog finds further growth for small businesses finds further growth for small businesses

In a report by into the office space trends of small and start-up businesses in the UK, research shows that the number of small firms making serviced office enquiries for single desks has continued to grow year-on-year.

This reflects a potential rise in the amount of new start-up businesses and the self-employed, which is expected to be partly related to high unemployment and redundancy figures.

“Overall we’ve seen huge year-on-year growth in single workstation enquiries from April through to September,” says Jim Venables, Managing Director of

“I’m not surprised that enquiries for single workstations are up. There are a lot of people being made redundant, and this rise in single workstations and smaller offices seems to be linked to that.”

Enquiry figures for single workstations over the first three quarters of 2009 have shown a steady and consistent increase throughout the majority of the year, aside from a slight decline in March.

August then produced the highest number of single desk enquiries of the year so far, a 14% increase over the previous month and a 43% rise over the same month last year.

At the close of Q3, single workstation enquiries dropped slightly from August to September. However this is not considered a significant drop, as September has maintained a satisfactory level of enquiries – which is the second highest of the year so far.

To find out more about this investigation, take a look at our report for full details:

Q3 suggests further growth for start up businesses

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