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Blog Carry on Karting at Team Day Out Carry on Karting at Team Day Out

On Saturday 11th September, members of’s UK head office in Tamworth gathered at Priory Park kart racing circuit for an afternoon of tyre-screeching, pit-stops and strange blue hair-nets.

As part of a team-building event courtesy of MD Jim Venables, the afternoon soon descended into a flurry of banter as the ten teams – all grouped into twos apart from one-man-band Azeem Khan – secretly discussed tactics and planned out their best strategies as they prepared to face-off on the track.

Each person had the chance to try out their 270cc Honda kart in a qualifying round of 20 minutes, which also gave each team the opportunity to record a quick lap time and compete for the all-important pole position in the deciding race.

The fastest qualifying round was recorded by none other than Jim Venables, who passed the chequered flag in an impressive 33.02 seconds, a full half a second faster than IT Manager Neil Cadman, who trailed with a time of 33.36.

Jim’s quick time gave him and team-partner Louise Redding pole position in the main race of the day – a 60-minute endurance round where the team that completes the most laps within the designated time is announced the winner.

With medals, bragging rights and a bottle of cava at stake, desperation mounted as the hour wore on and the competition quickly reached boiling point.

Account Manager Andrew Quigley temporarily limped off after his kart collided with a tyre obstacle.

Andrew’s kart was then slammed head-on by Chris Meredith, UK Head of Sales, who was in hot pursuit and claimed that he was “going too fast” to avoid Andrew’s kart. Despite a red flag moment that halted the race, Andrew quickly recovered and was soon back on the track to seek revenge on Chris.

Shortly after, IT developer Alex Welding attempted to push blogger Jo Disney off the track, but her superior karting skills successfully kept her on course. Rav Jisdhaul then narrowly missed disappearing over the brow of the next hill after Jim Venables shunted her kart in an attempt to catch up with Sales Manager Chris Mapp.

The final few minutes then dissolved into a heated session of dodgems between Jim, Andrew Quigley and Chris Mapp, who were battling it out for the top spot on the podium.

As the final few seconds drew to a close, the spoils were eventually awarded to the team of Chris Mapp and Neil Cadman, an unlikely pair who turned out to have that all-important x-factor on the track.

Finishing just behind the winning team were second-placed Stephen Preston and Marcus Shelton, with Becci-Jane Strawford and Nick Griffiths taking third place.

Despite finishing at the bottom of the table, one-man-band Azeem Khan deserves a special mention for being in the unenviable position of going it alone. Even though he flounced karting etiquette by overtaking competitors on a yellow flag, plaudits still go to Azeem for tackling the challenge head-on and completing a full 60 minutes alone.

All in all it was a fantastic day out. And although Jim recorded the fastest time of the day, he failed to convert his pole position into gold, which left his employees relieved that he wouldn’t be planning to give up the day job just yet.

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