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Office Workers Face Parking ΓÇ£LevyΓÇ¥ in Nottingham

Office Workers Face Parking ΓÇ£LevyΓÇ¥ in Nottingham

Despite the difficulties being faced by businesses across the UK, Nottingham is set to introduce a ΓÇ£Workplace Parking LevyΓÇ¥ by charging those businesses providing parking facilities to employees.

Reported by Sky News, the move by Nottingham City Council will see the “levy” applied to around 38,000 parking spaces across the city – costing £288 + VAT per parking space on an annual basis.

While the move is expected to raise an estimated £14m per year for the City, it has created a wave of criticism from businesses that see it as another tax burden to carry during a difficult period for British business.

Described as ΓÇ£a very small financial incentiveΓÇ¥ for businesses ΓÇ£to change their behaviorΓÇ¥ by councillor Jane Urquhart, the introduction of this tax has been described as ΓÇ£a tax on employmentΓÇ¥ and as a barrier to current employers and future investment due to the ΓÇ£high taxΓÇ¥ shadow it would casts across the City.

Despite vocal opposition from some local businesses and Nottingham Chamber of Commerce, it is believed that other cities such as Bristol, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh may also be considering adopting this parking tax strategy.

The question raised by such a strategy, is will businesses pick up the bill or will workers be left to shoulder the burden? Within the report one employer, who would receive a bill for around £9000 if the scheme moves ahead, even stated that he would consider relocating his business as a result of the “Workplace Parking Levy”.

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