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Office Supplies fall Victim to the Smartphone

Office Supplies fall Victim to the Smartphone

With the invent of smartphones, laptops and electronic storage, many standard supplies are losing popularity with office space tenants – and some are heading for extinction altogether.

Office equipment supplier Pixmania-Pro has identified a list of products that they believe are facing demise in 2011, by analysing their current and historical sales data.

Judging by the list, it appears as though the biggest reasons behind the drop in popularity are modern advances in technology and mobile communications, with products such as smartphones, iPads and remote servers taking over from the once-popular desktop items such as Rolodexes.

Here are Pixmania-Pro’s top ten office supplies that are facing extinction in 2011:

1) CDs – sales to businesses have dropped so much that CDs are expected to die off completely within the next 12 months.

2) Memory sticks – despite the fact that there are over 100 million USB sticks in circulation in offices and homes, it’s thought that they will soon be replaced by online and remote file storage systems.

3) Rolodexes – now only used by die-hard fans, the Rolodex fell victim to Microsoft Outlook, mobile phones and then smartphones.

4) Personal diaries – again these are falling victim to smartphones.

5) Calculators – still circulating, but these are rapidly being replaced by calculator functions on PCs and mobile phones.

6) Desk phones – sales have dropped as mobile phones and smartphones become more widely used. Pixmania-pro report that sales of desk phones have fallen by 90% since 2001.

7) Waste paper bins – popularity of standard bins has fallen as companies become more environmentally aware, and are replacing individual bins with refuse and recycling points.

8) Shredders – as paper-use decreases, office workers are printing less and therefore shredding less.

9) Mobile water coolers – Pixmania-pro says that companies are saving money by replacing these with stationary devices, which are plumbed into an office’s mains water supply.

10) Desk-top PCs – although still in demand for office-based workers, many are being replaced by laptops and tablet computers.

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