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Office Space of the Future: Which Predictions Came True?

Office Space of the Future: Which Predictions Came True?

Following the path of so-called ΓÇÿretrofuturismΓÇÖ, weΓÇÖre in search of strange, time-old office predictions that came true… or didnΓÇÖt.

In 2011, several robotics companies saw such success that they established new office space all over the world, thanking massive revenue increases due to demand.

The iPad seems to have appeared straight from the pages of ΓÇÿ2001: A Space OdysseyΓÇÖ, once dreamt-of virtual reality games are flying off the shelves, and the likes of automatic doors and escalators are unimpressive features of everyday life.

In so many ways, the sci-fi future predicted in the old days looks to be manifesting itself in the 21st century. But how was the working world envisioned? And how many predictions came true?

1. Your Daily Commute: FALSE

For a brief, fevered moment in the early 1970s, the hover car became a reality in the form of the flying Pinto. Unfortunately, this resulted in the instant fiery deaths of the two pilots at Oxnard, California. Despite the dreams of any of us sat bumper-to-bumper in the early mornings, it doesnΓÇÖt look like weΓÇÖll be literally flying through our commute any time soon.

2. Your Office Clothes: FALSE?

The closest weΓÇÖve come to the foreseen fashions of yesteryear is Lady Gaga. Although, somewhere among the all-in-one space suits and ΓÇô dare we remember ΓÇô fur bikinis, one common theme stands out above the rest: gender neutral, or androgynous, fashion. Looking around… how wrong were they, really?

3. Your Office Space: TRUE?

There were some awfully strange predictions of future cityscapes floating around (some literally) in the 1930s. These ranged from a monolithic ant-farm Manhattan and ΓÇÿwalkingΓÇÖ cities (a little out there) to mile-high skyscraper cities and bland, practical housing estates (not at all unusual in the 21st century).

4. Working From Home: TRUE

In a stunning example of future foresight, BTΓÇÖs previous incarnation, the General Post Office (GPO), once predicted a world of remote-working in which technology removed our full-time reliance on physical office space. WeΓÇÖve already hailed 2012 the year of the flexible office but it looks like the GPO got there first… in 1969!

Take our office technology survey and tell us if you would prefer to return to a world without tech and which office supplies you think might have lived their last.

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