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Office Space Lessons: Look after the Pennies and the Pounds will look after themselves.

Office Space Lessons: Look after the Pennies and the Pounds will look after themselves.

On Monday Sir Phillip Green published his review on government spending, with words such as ΓÇ£shockingΓÇ¥ summing up the processes carried out in government office space the length of the country.

From a man reported to be worth £4.4bn and ranked #104 on’s list of world billionaires, the self-made retail tycoon has clearly demonstrated ability to keep an eye on his company’s finances – or at least employed people capable of keeping the beans in the box – and clearly has the experience and knowledge to back-up his tough stance on the wasteful culture taking place within government departments and offices here in the UK.

Whether it be the reported boxes of paper purchased for £73.00, which could have been picked up for £8.00 – or the laptop model valued available at £353.00 that was purchased for £2,000 – it is perhaps all too easy to understand why Sir Phillip concluded that “If I ran my business like this the lights would be out”

Clearly the beast that is centralised government is a complex and in many ways an unmanageable creature. But for tax payer and politician alike the task being laid out before us is to finally tame the Whitehall Leviathan.

While the level of waste looming out of the depths from years of oversight or blind ignorance, it is in many ways most likely beyond comprehension for many of us – the issue of waste itself remains central to us all on a day-to-day basis ΓÇô especially for those in business during what are still difficult times.

Only last week serviced office space provider Regus published it bi-annual business tracker, in which it revealed that 41% of the business surveyed where actively looking for ways to reduce overheads and running costs ΓÇô highlighting the appetite for ΓÇ£shaving and savingΓÇ¥ that seems to have taken hold since the financial crisis first took hold in late 2008.

A steady stream of office space mergers by both government bodies and private sector firms have also continued to be reported in recent months, raising the question of just how much waste, excess and ΓÇ£pompΓÇ¥ organisations of all shapes, sizes and type accumulate during the ΓÇ£goodΓÇ¥ times.

Of course firms can be blissfully unaware of the kinds of savings that can be made, with the desire to avoid disrupting day-to-day business often over-shadowing the small increases in services or products that build-up over the years ΓÇô often seen as minor or irrelevant compared to the time or effort that would be required to find alternatives, request and process quotes and set-up and alternative account for what may only be a small saving on the original price.

But think about it like this; how much do those small differences add up to over a 6 to 12 month period?

Because when looking at the long-term picture, taking the time to find an afternoon or even a whole day to nail down prices, collect together alternative suppliers and assess the potential savings for your organisation could be time exceedingly well spent.

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