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Office Space Industry Must Adapt for Blackberry Generation

Office Space Industry Must Adapt for Blackberry Generation

The changing nature of work and workspace has been running theme for us here on the blog, and has now been highlighted by the British Council for Offices at their annual conference London 2010.

In a panel led discussion at the Westminster event, the issue of the Blackberry generation was explored, highlighting the growing levels of flexibility available to those both in and outside the traditional office space environment.

From tools as common as the trusted Blackberry right through to the mysterious ΓÇ£CloudΓÇ¥, the nature of how and when we work looks set to change substantially in the coming months and years. With so many tools and methods available, creating technology friendly office space that encourages creativity and interaction amongst staff is increasingly important for both the businesses using it and the developers and designers bringing projects to market.

The incorporation of new technologies was also a subject highlighted at the recent Business Centre Association (Bca) conference. In a discussion which featured technology providers from the serviced office industry and Google, the concerns and advantages of adopting or implementing such technologies were explored ΓÇô bringing to light the changing nature of what office space must provide to keep up with the changing demands.

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