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Office Search is “fantastic experience” for Mortgage Firm

Office Search is “fantastic experience” for Mortgage Firm

The new home of That Mortgage Place.

Kelly McCabe is a property professional who helps clients to overcome the hurdles of home-buying and mortgage acceptance, which is no mean feat given today’s financial climate.

But when it came to finding a new office for her rapidly expanding company, Kelly had little time to dedicate to the search and subsequently got in touch with Richard Horwell, Central London Consultant at, for help.

“It made things so much easier for me to know that Richard was dealing with our search,” said Kelly, who had previously contacted Richard in 2010 when her Northampton-based company was looking to expand into London.

As a result of her initial search, That Mortgage Place moved into offices in Great Titchfield Street earlier this year, where they were able to build on their existing London client base and attract new clients for their home-buying and mortgage protection services.

One of the company’s key attributes is their skill at speaking ‘plain English’ – providing jargon-free advice to clients on all areas of the mortgage and home-buying process, and despite the widely reported problems faced by would-be home-owners, the London base continued to prosper.

In fact, so successful was their London venture it soon became apparent that less than a year in, they would need a bigger office to accommodate their expanding business and growing team.

With that in mind, Kelly tasked Richard with finding a new office in London in the W1 area, working to a specific budget and with certain requirements such as size and configuration of space. The search produced a number of suitable offices with one in particular standing out from the crowd; a large period building on Bolsover Street in Noho, which ticked all the right boxes and proved to be the perfect location for That Mortgage Place.

“The office has worked out brilliantly for us and we’re really pleased,” said Kelly, who moved into the office with her team in July.

Commenting on Richard’s help, she added: “Customer service is an integral part of my business and it’s so nice to come across another firm with the same high principles.

“It really has been a fantastic experience for me and I will certainly come back to Richard should we need more space.”

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