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Office Plants ΓÇô long live the leaf!

Office Plants ΓÇô long live the leaf!

Office plants ΓÇô you know the ones, often limp and a slightly yellow lodged around the edges of the office space to keep them out of the way?

Well before you perform the last rites and commit them to the great garden in the sky – you may want to consider giving them a last minute reprieveΓǪ

Based on research commissioned by the European Union, the introduction of healthy plants to your office space not only makes it a more inviting and pleasant place for your employees – but can also make it a healthier place for them too.

Looking around your own office what do you see, a host of electrical equipment, printers and photocopiers?

Well according to the research all of these things can have a negative effect upon the working environment by releasing harmful substances ΓÇô the presence of leafy green plants however can apparently counteract the impact of such substances.

Not only will the introduction of plants apparently reduce fatigue, coughing and irritation of the eyes by 30%, it will also lower the stress levels amongst employees and even help to reduce the levels of absence due to illness ΓÇô falling from 15% to 5% in one example cited by the research.

The reason? Because plants help to improve the air quality in the office, humidify it and even remove dust and pollutants from the air ΓÇô making it cleaner and generating a healthier working environment.

Also, with winter seemingly only around the corner, you may want to consider looking at the greenery outside of your office space, with the placement of deciduous plants on the sun-facing side of a building apparently able to reduce a companyΓÇÖs heating cost by up to 20%!

So are those plants in your office space worth the water and a prime spot by the window? The answer is apparently – yes.

What to learn more about the effects of greenery at your office space? Click HERE.

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