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Office Party Dos and Don’ts

Office Party Dos and Don’ts
  • When you gotta go, you gotta go – Even if
    your boss is named Ebenezer, you should show
    up at your Company office party.
  • Eat, drink but don’t be too merry! – Probably
    the most important ‘do’ at any office party. Be
    aware that alcohol lowers your inhibitions and
    may cause you to do something you regret.
  • Leave the mini skirt in the wardrobe – Leave
    low-cut, short and sexy items of clothing in your
    wardrobe. Not only will you catch a cold, but you
    may also lose the respect of your co-workers.
  • Watch the clock – Arrive on time and don’t be
    the last one found propping up the bar or asleep
    in a corner.
  • Talk the talk – Parties are not the time to shrink into the wallpaper. Mingle and introduce yourself to everyone. Have some ice-breakers ready such as ‘What are you doing for Christmas?’.
  • Don’t flirt with the boss – This is an office
    . party, not a singles bar and it will not advance your career. Also make sure you aren’t caught in any compromising positions with a hidden camera – trying to explain a slow dance with the MD may be difficult.
  • Beware of the office gossip – Under no
    circumstances should you traffic in office gossip.
    You never know who is standing behind you.
  • Grin and bear it – The party is being given for
    your benefit, so be gracious, forget your paltry
    Christmas bonus and leave your Grinch
    personality at home for the evening.
  • Don’t talk shop – Remember that now is not
    the time to ask your boss for that long awaited
    promotion or pay rise. You honestly won’t get it!
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