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Office Olympics – Onward to 2012

Office Olympics – Onward to 2012

The 2012 Olympics are edging closer and closer. But while only a handful of us have secured a place in the stands, ready to soak up the atmosphere of the greatest sporting event on Earth, many of us will of course be chained to our desks carefully sneaking a peek via the BBC website when the bossΓÇÖs (or employeeΓÇÖs) backs are turned.

But while the cream of the WorldΓÇÖs athletic community will be tested, stretched and exceeded in the sporting arenas of East London next summer, we canΓÇÖt help but think that the humble office worker may feel a little left out ΓÇô with that well-toned beer gut inching them outward from the edge of their desk.

With this in mind, we have come up with a set of physical and mental challenges perfectly suited to the simmering cauldron of competition that is the everyday office.

Waste Paper Basketball

Simple and effective, this fast paced, high pressure event needs nothing more than a common bin and access to a pile of scrap paper. Best delivered a tension drenched distance shooting extravaganza, Waste Paper Basketball is a must!

Office Chair Curling

Despite needing ample space, and a well signed cordon warning of incoming chairs, Office Chair Curling can be challenging and difficult to master ΓÇô with weighting, wheels and that unfortunate slant on the 5th floor all creating unique challenges for anyone wishing to be crowned champion.

Staple Archery

Unsuitable for those without eye protection or the ability to point the equipment in the right direction, Staple Archery is made increasingly difficult as distance and a well-positioned desk fan are introduced in the latter stages.

The 20 yard Donut Dash

A crowd pleaser on many levels, this unique race draws on acute snack-based awareness, dexterity and the ability to choose quickly between a jam filled classic or a sprinkle topped temptation. Over in a flash, the winners walk away savouring the sugary sweet taste of success while the loser settles for the dust covered apple half submerged by paper on their desk.

Piggy Back Dressage

Grace, control and a strong back – the true Masters of PBD can Canter and Cadence across the humble office space like no other, leaving colleagues open mouthed and teary eyed… best to avoid covering the office floor with sand however.

Without question the success of these, or any other Office Olympic event, relies on common sense and an exceptionally active relationship with your Health & Safety Representative ΓÇô meaning that you should not actually try them at all. But if you were to introduce the office Olympics to your office ΓÇô what other events do you think would enrich the gladiatorial arena?

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