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Office Moths

Office Moths

Full marks go to‘s PR team whose press release highlighting national moth night, 11 August, was a news peg for talking about companies whose staff are burning the midnight oil. can provide office space for any company at short notice and has access to companies that can offer a workspace 24/7, enthuses the PR blurb. But while keen to plug the brokerage’s flexibility for finding round-the-clock workspace, the company’s top brass think differently.

Jim Venables, managing director of, says: “I believe that when people are working late on a regular basis, not only is there something wrong but also this is bad for business. People’s productivity levels fall when they are tired, overworked or unhappy with their employment situation.”

Why is so keen to reach out to businesses working anti-social hours then?

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Author: | September 1, 2007 | 0 Comments

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