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Office Inspiration: Marker Pens, Make-Believe and Monochrome

Office Inspiration: Marker Pens, Make-Believe and Monochrome

Quirky, stylish office space isnΓÇÖt always about huge budgets or designer furniture. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Join us for a celebration of make-believe and marker pens inside Cardboard CitizensΓÇÖ London HQ.

Cardbaord Citizens Cool Office by Interabang

As a charity and theatre company which works with homeless people, flashy just wouldnΓÇÖt cut it for Cardboard CitizensΓÇÖ HQ. Fortunately, they were able to draw on the world of set-design instead and called on design agency Interabang and artist Roderick Mills to draw their perfect office ΓÇô onto the walls. The result is as imaginative as it is inspiring.

Cardboard Citizens Cool HQ by Interabang 2

But before we go further ΓÇô best leave your bicycle here. This isnΓÇÖt just the coolest cycle parking ever; itΓÇÖs a pretty efficient use of space too. Like everything else about this office design, itΓÇÖs about meeting the practical needs of the charity in a creative way.

Cool office of Cardboard Citizens by Interabang 3

StagsΓÇÖ heads are hugely popular in interior design right now ΓÇô but Cardboard CitizensΓÇÖ offices provide a fresh twist on the trend by drawing theirs directly onto the wall.

And why leave it at pictures? YouΓÇÖll also find plenty of text dotted around the walls of these offices, from their printed mission statement to hand-drawn phrases and the odd signature too. It all adds an extra element of interest to the space ΓÇô who can resist the temptation to stop and read?

Lighting Art Installation in Cardboard Citzens London HQ

This industrial-inspired light-fitting/art installation has to be one of our favourite features in this office. Who knew the humble light bulb could be used to such striking effect? Painting the pipework orange is a nice touch too.

Creative offices of Cardbaord Citizens

And hereΓÇÖs a close up: as you can see, each of the light bulbs carries the name of one of the charityΓÇÖs patrons. (We also like the way the orange accents the mostly monochrome space.)

Creative offices Cardboard Citizens

How to decorate a hardworking space? Interabang took their cue from the world of set-design, adorning the walls with two-dimensional drawings to stand in place of ornaments. There are doodled on picture frames, a teapot and even a plate of cupcakes.

It feels decorated… but not stuffed with clutter – giving the team more space.

Office inspiration Cardboard Citizens

Normally weΓÇÖd prefer real cakes to pictures, but this illustration adds the perfect finishing touch to this table. We also like the way it complements the monochrome print chairs.

Office Inspiration Doodled Designs

In most offices, designers go out of their way to hide things like cleaning tools and other kit. Not here: theyΓÇÖve made a feature of them by doodling them onto the walls. (We hope the cleaner has a real hoover too.)

And that, we think, sums up Cardboard CitizensΓÇÖ offices nicely: theyΓÇÖre stylish, creative and completely unpretentious.

Now, we’re off to buy some marker pens…

Feeling inspired by Cardboard CitizensΓÇÖ space? Got a cool office youΓÇÖd like to see featured on the officebroker blog? Leave us a message in the comments.


(All images courtesy and copyright of Interabang.)

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