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Office Inspiration: Garden Gnomes and Chandeliers Epitomise English Eccentricity

Office Inspiration: Garden Gnomes and Chandeliers Epitomise English Eccentricity

What do you get if you mix chandeliers with shipping containers and brightly upholstered chairs? Some seriously inspiring and brilliantly eccentric office space, actually. (p.s. Gnomes have never looked so cool.)

Bazaarvoice London Offices Inside

Eccentric, eclectic, excitingly original ΓÇô BazaarvoiceΓÇÖs London offices are guaranteed to make you jealous.

TheyΓÇÖre the vision of Peldon Rose ΓÇô the designers behind these Alice in Wonderland offices. The team has also designed offices for Google, so itΓÇÖs safe to say they know a thing or two about creating an inspiring working environment.

Bazaarvoice Creative Offices

Throughout, the offices are littered with little details which keep the space fresh, like deckchairs, picket fences and utterly English front doors, all in zingy shades.

But before you start thinking itΓÇÖs all play and no work, Bazaarvoice is a company on a serious mission and they commissioned Peldon Rose to design a space to help them achieve their goals.

Unsurprisingly, high on this list was a need to reflect their quirky culture; the eccentric and eclectic interior does just that in a way which is colourful, fun and full of surprises. Meanwhile, in a nod to their London location, the meeting room doors are colour-coded to match a Monopoly board.

English Eccentric Office Design

But itΓÇÖs not just about gnomes and natty lightshades (although we love both). BazaarvoiceΓÇÖs offices have an array of carefully designed and defined spaces intended to accommodate different types and styles of work.

There are the booths (pictured above), but also deckchairs, armchairs and a seriously smart boardroom.

Creative Offices at Bazaarvocie

And then there are the beanbags. You might have heard of shedworking as an alternative to the traditional office ΓÇô but how about shedworking in the office? ThereΓÇÖs something about this space with its beanbag seating and garden setting that reminds us of childhood, but in a way that actually makes us want to cosy down and do some work.

Boardroom Bazaarvoice London Offices

Just when you think you know whatΓÇÖs next, you turn the corner and discover something completely different ΓÇô and unexpected ΓÇô yet again. In contrast to the more informal spaces scattered throughout the building, the tone of this boardroom is strictly business.

Gnome Detail at Bazaarvoices English Eccentric Offices

ThereΓÇÖs undoubtedly a healthy dose of fun throughout these offices; and itΓÇÖs this vibrant atmosphere which is designed to help Bazaarvoice both attract and retain the talented team they need.

One thingΓÇÖs for sure; we think Peldon Rose deserve double plaudits; for creating this inspiring office space and for rehabilitating the image of the humble garden gnome.

Wish you worked in an office like this? Share your thoughts in the comments.

(All images courtesy and copyright of Peldon Rose.)

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