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Office Inspiration: Friends of the EarthΓÇÖs Eco-Friendly Collaborative HQ

Office Inspiration: Friends of the EarthΓÇÖs Eco-Friendly Collaborative HQ

What connects a rowing boat, an igloo and a reception desk made from cardboard? ItΓÇÖs this monthΓÇÖs Office Inspiration. Join us to discover Friends of the EarthΓÇÖs brand new HQ.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 1

How do you design an office space for one of the worldΓÇÖs most prominent non-profit organisations? For Friends of the Earth, Peldon Rose has created a space which promotes openness, collaboration and sharing, all with an eco-friendly ethos at heart.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 2

According to Peldon Rose Design Director Chris Jenkins, the most talked about feature of the office so far is this cardboard reception desk. ItΓÇÖs an innovative use of materials which ensures that the office is a talking point, right from the start.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 3

At the heart of the vision for the new offices was an aim to transform the way that the Friends of the Earth team works together. ΓÇ£We wanted to break down the walls and to provoke more of an emotional attachment from the people, to those that they work with and for those that they engage with, such as donors,ΓÇ¥ says Chris.

As such, there are no assigned desks within the new workspace. The team have lockers to store personal belongings and then have the freedom to choose where theyΓÇÖd like to work each day.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 4

According to Chris, itΓÇÖs all about ΓÇ£freeing the mind of how to workΓÇ¥. A series of different workspaces invite Friends of the EarthΓÇÖs team to pick a space to suit the task in hand. That might mean taking a seat at a desk, settling down in an armchair or even sitting in a rowing boat (pictured top) for an informal project chat.

The rowing boat is among the quirkier features of the design which inject a sense of fun into the workspace. Others include the ΓÇ£igloo of contemplationΓÇ¥, which not only provides a quiet space to retreat to, but also reflects the global outlook of the organisation.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 5

There are yet more seating options in this breakout space, where employees can pull up a pew around the kitchen table. But what youΓÇÖll also notice is the feeling of spaciousness and openness ΓÇô something which characterises the design throughout the new offices. It also ensures that the space flows naturally as you move around the building.

Friends of the Earth Office Inspiration 6

Just when you thought youΓÇÖd seen it all, thereΓÇÖs a final twist in this urban scene which actually functions as a kitchen. HowΓÇÖs that for a powerful reminder to cut out the waste?

Friends of the EarthΓÇÖs new office is without doubt an inspiring space ΓÇô but most important of all is the impact itΓÇÖs making on the people who work there every day. As Chris explains; ΓÇ£The client has been overwhelmed by the success of the project and the positive motivational effect itΓÇÖs had on their team.ΓÇ¥ Sounds like a success story to us.

Now, we’re off to the “igloo of contemplation” for a rest…

Feeling inspired? Wish your office looked like this? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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