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Could Your Office Make You Happier? 5 Things to Try

Could Your Office Make You Happier? 5 Things to Try

Happiness is a serious matter. ItΓÇÖs linked to productivity, mental wellbeing and even your physical health. The UN says that happiness is one of the key indicators of global development. So could your office make you happier?

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Tomorrow is International Day of Happiness 2014. Before you start rolling your eyes at yet another made up special day, this one was proclaimed by the UN in 2012 ΓÇô which makes it about as official as it gets.

Since happiness has well established connections with health and wellness, productivity and general success, it stands to reason theyΓÇÖd want to celebrate it. And if you want to be part of a successful workplace, you should too.

Here at officebroker, we often explore ways to make the office a better, happier place to be. Here are some of our favourites weΓÇÖve discovered so far.

1. Have a giggle

No, really. We wrote about this one recently, when we revealed that big brands including Google and the BBC are paying to train their employees in the art of laughter. Why? Because they recognise the important part which laughter can play in boosting wellbeing, morale and ultimately productivity among office workers.

While we reckon that spontaneous moments of mirth are best, if, like Google et al. you donΓÇÖt have the patience to wait for the humour to happen, you can enrol yourself and your colleagues on a laughter yoga course instead. LOL.

2. Bring a pet to the office

The number one reason we have pets? Because they make us feel happy to have them around. One look at FidoΓÇÖs adoring eyes after a long day in the office is enough to make that stressful three-hour meeting fade far, far away.

So why wait until you get home to reap the benefits of our four-legged friends? Get an office pet (or bring your own to work) and create a calmer, happier atmosphere.

3. Design an unexpected office

Got any garden gnomes in your office? If not, why not? Incorporating unexpected features into your office design is a great way to generate buzz, stimulate imagination and just, well, make people smile.

If faux taxidermied squirrels is a step too far, you could go for original artworks instead. Better still, if you can manage it, consider changing the artwork on your walls on a regular basis to help keep it fresh and interesting. Consider an art rental service which allows you to do this.

Overall, just get creative and break the rules ΓÇô what unexpected features could you add to your office space?

4. Say it with cake

HereΓÇÖs a lesson weΓÇÖve learned from several of the office providers we work with. Whether itΓÇÖs ΓÇ£welcomeΓÇ¥, ΓÇ£well doneΓÇ¥ or just because itΓÇÖs Friday, itΓÇÖs important to celebrate ΓÇô and thereΓÇÖs no better way to do this than with an impromptu cake break.

Portal Business Centres host Fruit Cake Fridays; a regular networking event to bring businesses together, while Clarendon Business Centres recently welcomed new tenant Prysm London with a sponge cake ΓÇô iced with a welcome message.

5. Just smile

Sometimes, the solution is really that simple. The act of smiling can make you feel happier, which is why you should try to ΓÇ£turn that frown upside downΓÇ¥, even if itΓÇÖs Monday morning and you really donΓÇÖt feel like it. It costs you nothing, takes no time and, as youΓÇÖve got to do something with your facial muscles anyway, it might as well be a positive smile.

In fact, you donΓÇÖt even have to wait until youΓÇÖre face to face with someone else to break into a grin ΓÇô smiling while youΓÇÖre talking on the phone helps to inject a happier and more enthusiastic note into your voice.

When others see you smiling, or hear an upbeat tone of voice, itΓÇÖs difficult for them not to respond in kind. Which means a happier working environment all round.

Share your tips ΓÇô how do you make your office a happier place to be?

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