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Office Ergonomics

Office Ergonomics

With a considerable amount of the population spending circa 40 hours each week behind a computer screen, suitable office space design is an important factor in preserving staff morale and motivation.

According to “a few simple ideas can go far in boosting your business productivity” with a recent Microsoft Hardware poll observing that “90% of employees stated their office space design had a direct effect on productivity.”

Improvements don’t have to be a costly or time consuming exercise and there are a few simple measures that can be employed. Good ergonomics are key to keeping staff comfortable and reducing the possibility of any work related injuries.

As many employees will spend long hours looking into their monitor, it’s important to ensure that this is set up correctly. The refresh rate of a screen may be something normally only discussed by IT, but it’s an important consideration. If it is set too low, problems such as eye strains and headaches can result. Tilting the screen can help to reduce neck discomfort while maintaining an appropriate distance, around 60cm, will lessen the strain on the eyes.

Organising the desk essentials within an arm’s reach will help to improve productivity and sitting correctly whilst ensuring the feet are firmly placed on the ground will reduce pressure on the back.

A few plants can help to bring a bit of the outside in, and a bit of company branding can bring a bit of life to an otherwise drab office.

Luckily for ourselves here at, we are housed in a charismatic renovated mill with plenty of our orange branding brightening up our space!

Let us know any improvements that you have made to improve your desk or office space. The more unusual the better…

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