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Oceanic Office Space Oddity for Newbury Staff

Oceanic Office Space Oddity for Newbury Staff

There are many issues that can make the stomach of the average office space worker turn, from the overly perfumed co-worker to the used coffee spoon poking its still sticky handle from the sugar bowl. But for one set of office workers in Newbury, the problem is more nautical in nature.

Despite being over 50 miles from the nearest stretch of open-ocean, office workers in Newbury have apparently been suffering from sea sickness. How, I hear you ask, have these office workers become afflicted with this nautical nausea? Is it because they have taken-up the challenge of sailing the ocean waves or a spot of weekend swash-bucking?

Sadly neither of these suggestions is responsible; with it instead being claimed that construction work on a nearby development has been causing this bout of oceanic office oddity.

According to a report in Newbury Today, occupiers of nearby office space have experienced the sea-sickness sensation as a result of their office being shaken by the construction work taking place, with a spokesperson for one firm claiming the vibration has also resulted in render being dislodged from the top of their own office.

With the report claiming that several nearby offices have also experienced the motion of the ocean at work, those searching for office space in Newbury can be rest assured that the office space available through is very much on terra firma.

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