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Number of Regus Virtual Offices Up by One Third

Number of Regus Virtual Offices Up by One Third

Virtual and serviced office provider Regus has reported that the number of virtual offices they have opened across the last year has risen by one third.

As more and more businesses are switching on to the benefits of remote working, particularly in response to chaotic travel conditions caused by heavy snow last winter and Iceland’s persistent volcanic ash cloud, virtual offices are seeing a dramatic increase in popularity.

For Regus, Luton has proved the most impressive location with a massive 150% increase. The number of virtual offices opening across London increased by 24%; while central London venues such as Pall Mall saw increases of 90%.
Regus now has 60,000 virtual office customers around the world, with 8000 in the UK.

Mark Dixon, CEO of Regus, said:

“With the UK now officially out of recession, our figures show that over the last year companies have learnt to work smarter and prioritise cost efficiency when it comes to workplaces. A company’s image is crucial to its success, it is all very well having a great product, but if youΓÇÖre trying to launch it from a bedroom, it can seriously affect your efforts.”

Virtual offices are an alternative to conventional workplaces. They allow entrepreneurs to continue working from home or from a shared environment, but give the impression of a bigger organisation by giving the virtual office ‘occupant’ a formal business address and telephone number.

Mail can be handled securely and forwarded onto a specified address, and calls can be answered by a receptionist before being transferred to a designated landline or mobile. In most cases, customers can also make use of meeting rooms, coffee lounges and conference facilities as and when required.

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