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Nottinghamshire Council Seek to Reduce Office Space

Nottinghamshire Council Seek to Reduce Office Space

The 23 offices currently occupied by Nottinghamshire County Council could be reduced to 5 in an attempt to bring saving to the under-pressure council – a move brought forward by the office estates section of the council and due to be debated later this week.

Part of a consolidation process the reduction in office space is one of the proposals laid out in the Ways of Working programme, a scheme by which the council hope to generate saving of around £2m in the associated costs of running, maintaining and maximising the use of its office accommodation.

“This programme forms part of ongoing work to find the ┬ú150m of savings that the Council needs to make over the next three yearsΓÇ¥ explained Councillor Martin Suthers, Deputy Leader at Nottinghamshire County

Following a study which revealed that a third of the workstations and meeting rooms available to the councilΓÇÖs staff were underused, the new plan will see the 1 desk to 1 employee policy currently in place replaced with a ratio of 7 workstation per 10 employees ΓÇô the impact of which would see the total number of workstations fall from 4052 to 2569.

“Rationalising our office space will help the Council reap significant savings over the long-term ΓÇô money which will be better spent on frontline services.ΓÇ¥ continued Suthers.

“Much of our office space is underused and not fit for modern working arrangements. This programme will breathe new life into our working environments and make better use of a smaller number of office buildings.

“Staff will be able to work more flexibly by making good use of new ways of working and embracing a modern approach to work.

If approved, the programme of office space consolidation will be delivered over a four year period at a cost of £10m – a price which it is hoped will be funded by the sale of existing office space owned by the Council. Once completed they predict an annual saving of around £2m.

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