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New Year, New Office

New Year, New Office

Having avoided the Mayan apocalypse, revelled in the Olympics and overcome Royal fever – 2013 is finally here and we explore 5 reasons why now is the ideal time to re-evaluate and re-calculate your office space to help drive your business forward in the year ahead.

Top 5 ΓÇô New Year, New Office

1. Price ΓÇô

The average price per workstation traditionally reaches its lowest point between January ΓÇô March, with the cost of securing serviced office space in these months during 2012 recorded as 12% lower than only a few months later into the year.

Taking Central London as an example, the average business securing office space between January – March 2012 secured their space for £487 per month* less than those taking space between July – September 2012.

These lower prices, driven by a lull in the number of businesses making the move to new office space in November ΓÇô December, means that office providers will often be able to offer more attractive deals ΓÇô helping you and your business to secure a great deal.

2. Re-evaluate ΓÇô

The arrival of the New Year can be the ideal time to re-evaluate the workspace you have and how it is used. A key aspect to consider in this process is that the most expensive space is dead space ΓÇô meaning that side office, empty store room or any other space that you donΓÇÖt need.

The natural flexibility of serviced offices can help businesses to cut out this waste, streamlining your workspace and bringing notable financial saving in the process. With the extra motivation that often accompanies the New Year, it may be the ideal time to take those ideas, action them and make the changes you need to your workspace.

3. Stretching Out ΓÇô

A lot can happen in a year and the arrival of new employees, equipment and ΓÇÿstuffΓÇÖ can lead to your existing office space becoming overcrowded and even unsuitable. The impact of a cluttered workspace can affect productivity ΓÇô not to mention portraying the wrong impression to existing and potential clients.

With the lower prices and flexibility on offer from serviced offices, the beginning of 2013 is the ideal time to stretch out and secure the office space that your business needs rather than what it has.

4. Flexibility ΓÇô

Business is changing and we live in interesting times, with the explosion of mobile devices and flexible working habits bringing significant changes to the way things are done. Sitting at the heart of this is the way businesses are using their property and what they need from it ΓÇô making flexible serviced offices increasingly popular.

With a network of over 2500 serviced offices now established here in the UK, a modern and viable alternative to the traditional property lease is available more than ever, with short-term licences and the ability to alter the space according to the circumstances of the company having a clear appeal.

5. Independent Help ΓÇô

Our dedicated consultants are able to help you search, select and secure the best office space for you and your business.

Taking the hassle out of your office search, our free and independent support can help you assess your current setup, advise on requirements, request prices, arrange viewings and even negotiate on your behalf if you choose to relocate.

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To speak to a member of our team about what your business needs in 2013 ΓÇô call us now on 0800 9777 770

*Direct comparison based on average workstation price and average workstation requirement.

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