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New MoD London Office uses Horse Power to Go Green

New MoD London Office uses Horse Power to Go Green

When the King’s Troop move to their new base and head office in South London in 2011, the headquarters will be powered by the manure of 170 horses.

The animals, from the famous Royal Horse Artillery, will be stabled at the new base in Woolwich, and the manure collected will be formed into pellets and used as bio-fuel to power the entire base.

The sustainable move is in line with the new government’s target to reduce carbon emissions, according to a spokesman from the MoD.

“The MOD encourages innovation by our people and suppliers, including measures to promote sustainability wherever possible,” said the spokesman, according to the BBC. “The MOD is fully committed to the government’s sustainable development agenda and to aggressive reductions in carbon emissions.”

Both horse manure and bedding from the stables will be processed into bio-fuel, which will be used to heat and light the regiment’s new home. The base includes stabling and training facilities for the 170 horses, along with a viewing gallery, a museum, gun park, and forge.

The base also includes regimental offices, and will house the troop’s historic gun carriages which are used for royal ceremonies.

The King’s Troop are part of the Household Troops, and their duties include performing at Royal ceremonies, and the firing of Royal Salutes in Hyde Park for Royal anniversaries and State occasions.

Between 2008 and 2009, the MoD reportedly beat their sustainable targets by reducing emissions by 12.5%, compared to 1999/2000 levels, an achievement which was two years ahead of their target date.

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