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New EU directive prohibits use of the term ΓÇÿworkstationΓÇÖ

New EU directive prohibits use of the term ΓÇÿworkstationΓÇÖ

According to recent speculation, a new EU directive could soon be brought in which would prohibit the use of the term ‘workstation’.

‘Workstation’ is an established term in the serviced office industry, referring to the ‘per person’ cost of renting an office. It helps to separate the market from the more conventional office lease industry, which commonly refers to office space rentals by square footage.

The reasoning behind the move comes as EU officials claim that elements of the term are lost in translation across Europe. A spokesperson said:

“Trains stop at a train station. Buses stop at a bus station. We are concerned that this term encourages work to stop at a workstation.”

There are concerns that preventing use of the term ‘workstation’ could cause confusion and distort the line between serviced office rental and conventional office leases – especially for businesses that are new to the industry.

Further details are expected to be released shortly.

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