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Moving Office? 4 People Whose Opinion is More Important than Yours (Sorry!)

Moving Office? 4 People Whose Opinion is More Important than Yours (Sorry!)

Looking for a new office is a bit like looking for a new house – everyone has an opinion about where you should go and what it should be like. But it’s your business, right? Well, actually… we introduce four people whose opinions about your office you can’t afford to ignore.

With all these stakeholders in the office decision-making process, it seems your office isn’t really your office after all…

1. Your employees

Beryl in accounts is grumbling about the two extra flights of stairs. David in HR begrudges the extra half hour added to his commute each day. Rebecca in IT is bored because thereΓÇÖs nowhere to go out at lunch.

Yes, given that your employees will be the most directly affected by your office move, itΓÇÖs worthwhile talking to them and finding out what they think. While you might not be able to accommodate everyoneΓÇÖs requests, eliminating just a few of the main issues could save you some substantial recruitment fees.

2. Your clients

The more often they visit, the more important their opinion is. ItΓÇÖs about making sure your office is in line with your clientΓÇÖs expectations.

First off, it needs to tie in with the brand image youΓÇÖve worked hard to project. Clients who perceive you as a high-end brand will be disappointed to arrive for a meeting at offices which say ΓÇ£valueΓÇ¥ rather than ΓÇ£stylishΓÇ¥. On the other hand, if you portray yourself as a rural, earthy brand, they may be baffled by your futuristic high-rise city office space.

And while you want to impress, thereΓÇÖs a fine line between offices which are impressive enough and ones so luxurious your clients start to question just what their money is paying for. Exactly where that line is will depend on your client base.

3. Your business adviser

If youΓÇÖre in the early stages of your business and lucky enough to benefit from having a mentor, then take advantage of their expert business advice.

Unlike your employees and your clients ΓÇô both groups whoΓÇÖll look at it from the perspective of what they have to gain ΓÇô your business advisor should be able to stand back and examine the business case for your new offices. ThatΓÇÖs an opinion which could prove very valuable indeed.

4. Your kids

Aka the next generation. Gen Z are already earning themselves a reputation for having high expectations of the workplace ΓÇô something which extends to the working environment itself.

So find out what Gen Z want. While you might not be able to accommodate their requests for a giant slide and a Lego-filled ΓÇ£researchΓÇ¥ room, you might be able to choose a location thatΓÇÖs popular with younger people, or choose a space with a more trendy design.

Getting an office which is geared up for Gen Z may well help you get the pick of the best new graduates as they enter the workforce.

WhoΓÇÖs your best advisor when it comes to finding office space? Is there anyone missing from our list? Let us know in the comments below.

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