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Moaners, Smackers And Snakes At Work

Moaners, Smackers And Snakes At Work

A report by on-line commercial office space firm said every office had a worker whose habits annoyed colleagues. The report listed some of the most common workplace personalities as:

  • The Hipster – wears the shiniest suit and the silliest socks.
  • The Borrower – always borrowing items from colleagues.
  • The Snake – slimy, limp hand shaker who slithers around and stares at colleagues for far too long.
  • The Smacker – slurps their way through lunch.
  • Pussy Galore – sweet yet neurotic colleague whose desk is covered in pictures of cats.
  • Moaning Minnie – complains all day long.
  • The Gossip Monger – loves a good drama and is always first to share any scandal.
  • The Sniffer – Women, or men, who overdose on perfume or aftershave and waft through the office.
  • The Message Mangler – takes a message but always forgets to find out full details.
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