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Missing: Has Anyone Seen Our Bear?

Missing: Has Anyone Seen Our Bear?

The OB Bear is a fluffy and cheerful company mascot, with a happy little smile and a heart of gold.

He recently underwent a series of charitable expeditions around the world, from the peaks of the tallest mountains in England, Scotland and Wales to the open roads of France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

But sadly his journey ended too soon.

While on a 1000-mile drive from Reims to Prague in a selfless bid to raise money for the Prostate Cancer Charity, the OB Bear was kidnapped. He never made it to the Czech Republic to complete his daring adventure.

Can you help us to find him again?

Last Known Movements

Just over a month ago, the OB Bear was dragging Marketing and Operations Assistant Alec Ryan up over the three tallest peaks of England, Scotland and Wales in a 25-hour stint that saw a fallen comrade, lashing horizontal rain and flood diversions.

Alec reports that he and the Bear began their journey at 5pm on Saturday 23rd June, when they took to the slopes of Ben Nevis in Scotland. They were still together in the clouds atop Scafell Pike in England and finally stepped from the dizzy heights of Snowdon in Wales at 6pm on Sunday 24th June.

Together, Alec and Bear raised an incredible ┬ú508 for The Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust – which was ┬ú300 over their hoped-for donation!

Photos of this recent expedition can be seen here:

Bear on a Mountain | Bear Crosses Perilous River | Bear Emerges from the Mist

Our brave little fighter took a couple of weeks off to recover from this ordeal ΓÇô not to mention the unexpected 40-degree spin cycle in the washing machine that came after it.

But once he was back on his feet, he launched himself on a continent-crossing mission to Prague as part of the Crumball Rally.

Bear’s Last Hurrah

Bringing with him his latest recruit, OB Account Manager Stephen Turner, the Bear got behind the wheel of a beaten-down 90s BMW that cost less than £200 and dared to drive it over 1000 miles across Europe.

With a car looking like an F18 fighter plane and the team dressed up like the cast of Top Gun, our fuzzy little friend was cheerfully looking forward to making it all the way to the finish line:

Bear Traverses the Euro Tunnel | Bear Takes the Wheel, France | Bear Poses on Car, Switzerland | Bear on Stelvio Pass, Italian Side | Bear on Stelvio Pass, Swiss Side | BearΓÇÖs Last Photo, Germany

In Germany, the Bear stayed behind to guard the car overnight while the team slept. But when Stephen returned early the next morning, he found the car vandalised and the Bear missing.

He has not been seen since. Sadly, Stephen and friends had to leave Germany later that morning and continue their journey alone to fulfil the £980+ promise made to the Prostate Cancer Charity.

Can You Help Us?

Are you in the area where the Crumball Rally passed? Can you help us locate our adorable little pal? Any information would be gratefully received ΓÇô call on 0800 9777 770 if you can offer any insight into the OB BearΓÇÖs whereabouts.

Thank you.

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