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Missing Green Scheme Deadline Could Lead to Fines for British Businesses

Missing Green Scheme Deadline Could Lead to Fines for British Businesses

An estimated 7,500 British firms in offices and workspaces throughout the UK could face fines of at least £5,000 each according to the Environment & Energy division of the WSP Group, as the 30th September deadline to register for the UK’s new energy efficiency scheme approaches.

The mandatory Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme (CRCEES), which began on April 1, forces businesses like banks, hotels, hospitals and schools to register with the Environment Agency and monitor energy usage.

It is the belief of the government that this scheme will help to cut greenhouse gas emissions by four million tonnes annually by 2020 as well as corporate energy bills by £1bn. But according to the firm around 40 percent of the 20,000 companies affected are unaware of their obligations and will therefore miss the registration deadline.

“Those businesses which are well-organised are finding that registration is not a complicated exercise,” said David Symons, a director at WSP Environment & Energy.

“However, our findings indicate that a lack of awareness and engagement among participants could prevent thousands of companies from complying with the scheme on time.”

The CRCEES is one of two incentive schemes launched earlier this year by the former Labour government, with the schemes said to be key helping the UK to meet its target to cut emissions by 34 percent below 1990 levels by 2020. Feed in tariffs were also introduced to spur growth in small-scale, locally produced renewable power.

While this scheme will not impact directly on smaller businesses, it does raise the issue of energy efficiency in the workplace. With initiatives such as Green Office Week earlier in the year and an increasing number of new office buildings seemingly selling their ΓÇÿGreenΓÇÖ credentials. So as it appears that the ΓÇ£need for greenΓÇ¥ will continue to drive changes in the places in which we currently work and the business centres of the future.

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