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Merge, Merge, Merge ΓÇô The New Fashion for Office Space?

Merge, Merge, Merge ΓÇô The New Fashion for Office Space?

The merging of office space appears to be a growing trend, with two sister companies in Manchester being the latest to announce that they will consolidate their multiple offices in Manchester in favour of a single workspace in the City Centre.

With businesses still engaged in cost cutting exercises, the role of property and the cost of managing and maintaining it has become of increasing focus in recent months, with both private firms and government departments choosing to merge office space and resources in order to survive.

Only this week, reported on the decision of commercial law firm Fladgate to merge its two Mayfair offices into a single office space in Covent Garden, while in the last few months we have also reported on the decision of central and local government to reduce the amount of office space used in order to meet budgets and maximise the resources available to them.

In many ways the thousands of businesses that operate out of the UKΓÇÖs serviced offices find themselves one step ahead of this new office space fashion. By offering a fixed-cost solution to those seeking office space, including furnished office space and the inclusion of rates and a variety of services, those businesses in serviced offices are already benefiting from the kinds of savings and pooled resources that these private companies are now seeking to secure.

Of course merging office space does not only save money and pool physical resources. Indeed it can also create the opportunity for new collaborations and the exchange of ideas ΓÇô a benefit which many companies operating from serviced offices or business centres have already had access to for many years.

The latest recruits to the merging mentality are Mercer and Marsh, two sister companies who are currently located at three different offices in Manchester. Having made the decision to bring these offices together into a single location, they will move their entire staff to the Belverdere House development ΓÇô a grade A office scheme that was completed in early 2009 and that has received a BREEAM Excellent rating.

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