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Mark Dixon of Regus Ponders the Perfect Office Space

Mark Dixon of Regus Ponders the Perfect Office Space

ΓÇ£In my view, the brain has four essential requirements for its physical workspace: possibility, energy, calm and flexibility.ΓÇ¥

This is the view of Mark Dixon, founder and owner of Regus, the worldΓÇÖs largest provider of serviced office space in a press release which explores the concept of designing the ideal workspace.

Exploring what it is that makes an office space more than just a place in which to work ΓÇô but instead a place where businesses and their employees can flourish ΓÇô this prominent figure from the serviced office space industry references a variety of businesses, including Google and Vodaphone, who have taken the concept of traditional office space and firmly turned it upon its head.

From GoogleΓÇÖs famously collaborative culture focused on enjoyment, creativity and expression in the workplace, to VodaphoneΓÇÖs ΓÇ£homers, zoners, roamers and phonersΓÇ¥ approach which actively adapts itself to flexible working practices of modern employees ΓÇô it would appear that much is changing when it comes to the office space needs of the future.

Of course quirky work and office spaces will never suit all types of businesses or approaches. But by building in the facilities for those who perhaps only attend the companyΓÇÖs physical office in person on an occasional basis, by phone or electronically from home – the office space of Google and Vodaphone highlighted by Mark Dixon of Regus is providing an effective solution to their current, future and cultural needs.

Addressing such needs is of course vital for all businesses, with simple things such as good lighting and sufficent daylight being shown to reduce absenteeism by 15% and increase productivity by up to 20%. It is for exactly these kind of reasons that choosing the right work or office space is so important ΓÇô after all what would a reduction in absenteeism and increased productivity mean to your business over as little as six months?

In many ways this is where using a broker such as to find your ideal offices space can prove such a benefit, providing not only a range of options, but also practical advice and guidance designed to make sure you get the right office space to meet your own current, future and cultural needs.

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