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Manchester offices plan roof gardens following University research

Manchester offices plan roof gardens following University research

Offices in Manchester are set to benefit from roof gardens, natural ventilation and terrace areas, in a bid to help workers keep cool amid the effects of global warming, according to Manchester Evening News.

Research by Manchester University shows that roof gardens act as insulation during colder months and help keep buildings cool in the summer.

Dr Jeremy Carter, from Manchester University’s school of environment and development, says:

“There are techniques in some cities where vegetation is planted on the side of buildings and you get green walls. What we don’t want to do is rely on air conditioning.”

He also added: “We are more likely to experience extreme heat waves. Increasing ‘green space’ such as parks and opening up the canal network and water features will help protect cities.”

Manchester University are due to work with a selection of offices in Manchester, along with the Council, to test the ideas.

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Author: | August 13, 2009 | 0 Comments

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