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Management Speak: 50 Office Phrases We Love to Hate

Management Speak: 50 Office Phrases We Love to Hate

If youΓÇÖve ever been told to ΓÇ£think outside the boxΓÇ¥ or asked to take part in an ΓÇ£idea showerΓÇ¥, this oneΓÇÖs for you. We asked more than 500 office workers which management speak phrases they dislike the most. Here are the results.

Blue Sky Thinking Management Speak

We might despise terms like ΓÇ£blue-sky thinkingΓÇ¥ and ΓÇ£going forwardΓÇ¥, but that doesnΓÇÖt stop us using them. 79% of those surveyed admitted that they use management speak at least twice a day.

So which phrases do we love to hate the most? (And which ones have you caught yourself saying?) Let’s hit the ground running and drill down on the details…

1.            Blue-sky thinking

2.            Idea shower

3.            To ‘action’ a project

4.            Going forward

5.            Brainstorm

6.            Getting the ball rolling

7.            Drill down

8.            Out of the loop

9.            Thinking outside the box

10.          Touch base

11.          Singing from the same hymn-sheet

12.          Circle back

13.          Strategic fit

14.          Bottom line

15.          Low hanging fruit

16.          Win-win

17.          Play hardball

18.          Best practice

19.          On my radar

20.          Bench mark

21.          Value added

22.          To run an idea up the flagpole

23.          Results driven

24.          To take something offline

25.          The idea’s got legs

26.          Game-plan

27.          Hit the ground running

28.          Customer centric

29.          No ‘i’ in team

30.          Back to the drawing-board

31.          Re-inventing the wheel

32.          Dot the ‘i’s and cross the ‘t’s

33.          Action plan

34.          Bells and whistles

35.          Moving the goalposts

36.          Back of the net

37.          On the same page

38.          Open door policy

39.          To ‘ping’ an email

40.          To kick a project into the long grass

41.          Joined up thinking

42.          Pick up and run with it

43.          Streamline

44.          Close of play

45.          To take an idea or project ‘off piste’

46.          Level playing field

47.          Quick win

48.          In the driving seat

49.          No brainer

50.          To ‘park’ a project

Is your most-hated phrase missing from the list? Maybe you’re secretly fond of one of these terms? Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @officebrokercom

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