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Make the Most of Your Vacant Space

Make the Most of Your Vacant Space

The times they are a changing ΓÇô and so are the workstation requirements of clients, with many businesses continuing to streamline in the wake of the financial crisis. So if offices of a certain size fall out of favour due to a change in client demand, what can you do with that space in order to maximise its potential?

In the third quarter of 2010 for instance, recorded an increase of 48% (2.9 to 4.3) in the average workstation requirement of businesses entering serviced office space in Wales. At the same time however, workstation requirements in Greater London have decreased by 42% (7.3 to 4.2).

Given that reorganising floor-plates can be costly and impractical – unless it is for the ‘right’ client ΓÇô such changes in the workstation requirements of new clients can result in areas of a business centre falling ‘out of favour’.

For example, while an office suitable for 6 or more workstations in Greater London may have been ideally suited to the market conditions in 2009 that same space in 2010 is likely to be far harder to fill, simply due to a change in demand.

So without reconfiguring your centre, what can you do to get that empty space working for you until workstation demand shifts or begins to stabilise?

Break-Out Areas

The demand for break-out areas is growing in popularity, providing an informal area in which colleagues and employees from neighbouring businesses can relax, interact and build relationships ΓÇô so why not turn an unused space into a break-out area?

Informal Meeting Areas

How many business people find themselves in the lobby or bar of a local hotel when holding an informal meeting with a client? So why not create a similar area within your building and work on attracting these same people to your centre? Not only is it a good use of space but also a great introduction to your centre!

Day Desks / Drop In

The space is there, the desks are sitting empty and some income is better than no income ΓÇô so why not offer day-desks and drop-in facilities to local and passing businesses?

Networking opportunities

Could you offer local business groups, such as the chamber of commerce, the opportunity to hold an event or meeting at your centre FOC? While this wonΓÇÖt bring in the cash on its own, it would offer you the opportunity to showcase you building and its facilities to the local business community ΓÇô great advertising!

Do you have examples or suggestions of how to make the most empty office space? If so leave your comment below, or email

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