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Lunch Time: The Importance of Taking a Break

Lunch Time: The Importance of Taking a Break

According to research from insurer Aviva, increased work pressure and longer hours are resulting in nearly a third of UK workers not stopping for lunch.

Whilst many employees and their bosses recognise the importance of taking a break, pressures of the modern office can result in these essential ‘time-outs’ being sacrificed. A quarter of those surveyed said they would only take a lunch break if their quantity of work allowed for this.

With competition in the job market at its peak, some employees concerned about their job security are now working longer hours, at weekends and skipping breaks in an effort to seem more valuable.

However, it is widely accepted that taking a break can help to reduce stress whilst also improving motivation and output.

Head of Clinical Development at Aviva UK Health, Dr Doug Wright concurs, “it’s well documented that eating more healthily can improve general wellbeing and life expectancy, so there are countless benefits to adopting this approach in the workplace.”

“It’s also important for people to take a break from their desks, where possible, as this can help improve both morale and efficiency for employees.”

To coincide with this, an increasing number of companies are utilising open plan working and rest areas, according to Matt Oakley, chairman of the British Council for Offices. “The concept of a break-out area 20 years ago was non-existent. We are seeing more delivery of technology in these formal and informal working areas.” Televisions, computer games and wifi access are some of the concepts being implemented to encourage staff to take five, in an effort to boost morale.

Do you get time for a lunch break and if so do you actually leave the office? Or like the majority of office workers do you stay at your desk, eating your sandwiches, whilst continuing with the task at hand?

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