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Loud Noises Most Annoying Office Trait

Loud Noises Most Annoying Office Trait

Nearly 60% of UK office workers consider noisy eating to be the most annoying habit of colleagues according to a new survey.

Slurping, chewing, noshing and swilling are increasingly familiar sounds in the modern office, particularly when busy workloads result in a growing number of workers eating lunch at their desk ΓÇô but according to a new survey, commissioned by Ainsley Harriot Cup Soup, these noises top the list of office gripes amongst UK office workers.

Top 6: Annoying Office Habits:

  • Noisy Eating (57%)
  • Messy Colleagues (32%)
  • Not Washing Up (27%)
  • Smelly Food (26%)
  • Lateness (26%)
  • Not listening (25%)

David Cherrie, marketing controller of Ainsley Harriott Cup Soup, said: “It’s interesting that, rather than professional bugbears, such as not listening and talking over each other, it’s food-related grievances that come out on top.

“Furthermore, we’re all too cowardly to confront each other, meaning our working relationships could be suffering over what are basically poor table manners.”

Tell us what you think – Do you get annoyed by noisy eaters at the office?

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