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LondonΓÇÖs TechHub Offices to Produce the Next Google?

LondonΓÇÖs TechHub Offices to Produce the Next Google?

New desk and office space in London for small technology firms is being dubbed as the next Silicon Valley.

Old Street in London is expected to produce the next Google or Spotify, according to a report by ThisisLondon. The area has already been billed the “silicon roundabout” and is home to dozens of small internet firms.

A new incubator scheme called TechHub has recently been launched there, which has been sponsored by Google and publisher Pearson, and is being hailed as an important step forward for both the area itself, and for small technical firms looking to expand.

TechHub allows businesses to rent desk space by the day, and also provides mentorship and essential business support. It is being launched at a London event tonight.

Key industry figures have come forward to praise the new scheme, including and Mydeco’s Brent Hoberman.

“The trend of firms clustering together is a great thing, and really helps entrepreneurs,” he commented. “Being able to talk to people facing the same problems and even do deals together is incredibly valuable. It is imperative that we have initiatives like this to keep London at the forefront of the European digital market.”

TechHub was started by entrepreneur Elizabeth Varley and journalist Mike Butcher.

“We want to be the heart of the internet community that already exists in the area,” said Varley. “Everyone will be in the same boat, so if you want advice on different types of funding, for instance, the chances are someone else in the room has already gone through that.”

Butcher commented: “London is seen as the gateway to the rest of the world for European dotcom firms as we have such good links to the UK, and also the financial markets. I think we will see a lot of bigger firms taking desk space for a few of their staff, while keeping their main base in their own country.”

The new TechHub will be open for business on Monday 12th July.

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