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London Offices Unprepared for Olympic Strain

London Offices Unprepared for Olympic Strain

A recent report from serviced office provider, MWB Business Exchange, has revealed that few London offices are allowing their staff to seek flexible or alternative working arrangements at the height of the Olympic season this summer.

MWB surveyed 430 companies in the capital who are considered to be located in ΓÇÿtravel hotspotsΓÇÖ. 89% agreed that the Olympics would cause significant disruption to business.

However just 11% are allowing staff to work from home during the Games and less than 30% are allowing flexible working hours for staff to avoid getting stuck at rush hour.

ΓÇ£By not looking into remote working from home or even considering flexible hours, companies will be turning their employees into workathletes,ΓÇ¥ says MWB Head of Olympics, Kathryn Hunt. ΓÇ£ThatΓÇÖs putting their competitiveness and their staffΓÇÖs health at risk.

ΓÇ£Our survey shows Government and businesses are sleepwalking to an Olympic failure that could seriously damage productivity and the UK economy. Firms who have not thought about it are really going to be hit the hardest. Time really is running out.ΓÇ¥

The Government and Transport for London spokespersons have agreed that both bodies need to work together to reduce traffic in these travel hotspots ΓÇô including London Bridge, Canary Wharf and Victoria ΓÇô by up to 60% this summer.

During the worst of the snow this February, Transport for London closed for one day and cost the UK economy over £1billion when 6.4 million people couldn’t make it into the office. Repeat performances over the summer have been estimated to cost significantly more in lost revenue.

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