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Location, Location, Location, and What?

Location, Location, Location, and What? is the UK’s largest online provider of commercial office space to both serviced office space providers and businesses looking for serviced or conventional office space anywhere in the world.

The company which was founded by entrepreneurs Jim Venables and Andy Haywood five years ago and has grown into a multi-million pound enterprise with offices in the UK and the US, has released details of some of its more curious office requests.

They include:

  • A London-based company which asked for an office with its own bomb shelter
    which would withstand any terrorist attack including nuclear or germ warfare
  • A music industry mogul who requested diamond studded toilet seats for a certain demanding diva client
  • A pregnant MD who asked for space for a built-in baby scanner
  • Numerous requests for offices with space to accommodate employees’ pets – including one MD who asked for a built-in tank to house his large collection of piranhas
  • A colonic irrigation company which needed additional space for ‘waste’ storage
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Author: | February 15, 2007 | 0 Comments

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