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Locate The Best Advice

Locate The Best Advice


Consider a short-term and flexible notice-period which allows you to take the space you need right now but with the option to expand as your business grows.

Think of your employees’ needs as well as those of your business.

Is the office close to public transport? Are there shops and leisure facilities in the local area?

Ensure there are ample parking facilities.

Find out what extras are Included in your tenancy such as access to meeting rooms, admin support or video conferencing.

Will you be looking for offices in multiple locations – or perhaps access to meeting rooms in other parts of the country or the world?

Don’t go for the first office you see; shop around and consider different areas and styles of building to work which will suit your need best.

Remember to cover your office contents with an insurance policy – your business centre will only provide insurance cover for the actual building.

Get advice before taking the plunge speak to an independent body, like

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