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Liverpool FC Expand Presence in Liverpool City Centre Office Space

Liverpool FC Expand Presence in Liverpool City Centre Office Space

Liverpool FC have taken the decision to expand the presence of their Commercial operations at their City Centre offices in Liverpool.

The move, which originally allowed their commercial operations to move beyond the office space restrictions of the Anfield Stadium, will see the BarclayΓÇÖs Premier League team occupy an additional two floors of office space in Chapel Street ΓÇô adding to the floor originally taken in January.

Taking up the option of expanding into 30,000 sq ft of office space may be seen as a positive sign for fans, suggesting that the intentions of those within the club, in terms of commercial expansion, remain strong ΓÇô hopefully leading to the revenue streams that can help the club develop or purchase the playing talent needed to restore the club to the ΓÇ£Big 4ΓÇ¥ which it had been apart of until the disappointments of the 09/10 season.

Quoted by the North West Business Insider, William Coleman of Rumford Investments who own the Chapel Street office block explained: ΓÇ£Despite current economic conditions 20 Chapel Street is filling up fast which affirms our belief that the building is LiverpoolΓÇÖs premier office location.ΓÇ¥

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