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Kisses in Emails Sparking Office Romance

Kisses in Emails Sparking Office Romance

A survey just released by has discovered that most colleagues who are romantically involved with one another began the affair thanks to an email signed off with a kiss.

Once the ΓÇÿxΓÇÖ signature is introduced into email correspondence or text messaging, the green light is given to pursue a relationship.

Understood by some to be a gesture of friendship or to soften an otherwise strictly-business email, many workers find the gesture to be intimate and encouraging.

And when it comes to winking emoticons, stand back! 71% of women consider the wink face to be tantamount to a date proposal ΓÇô as do 90% of men.

Other surveys have revealed the secret liaisons of the working world, including the following statistics unearthed by Career Builder earlier this year:

ΓÇó 38% of workers are dating colleagues

ΓÇó 37% keep it a secret at work

ΓÇó 31% married their office paramours

So is it suggestive email signatures setting off all these office-based love affairs?

It is for 59% of men, who have gone from a wink and a kiss to a date. And it is for 45% of women, who received the same treatment and pursued intimacy with the sender.

According to a survey of 18-29 year old full-time employees undertaken by Workplace Options, an incredible 84% would be happy to pursue relationships at work ΓÇô beating 36% aged 30-46 years old and 29% aged 47-66 years old.

Do you consider workplace winks and kisses to be flirtatious or do you use them as a gesture of friendship? Tell us in the comments below.

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