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Kirsty Lees Becomes’s First ICON

Kirsty Lees Becomes’s First ICON

Kirsty Lees –’s first ICON first launched the performance and recognition scheme in July this year, and despite several close calls, no-one has yet overcome the final hurdle to claim the challenging ICON status.

That is until Kirsty Lees,’s experienced and long-serving account manager for the Central London region, smashed her targets in September to become the very first – and only – person to reach ICON status.

“I would have bet a serious amount of money on Kirsty being the first consultant to achieve the ICON status,” said Jim Venables, co-founder and Managing Director of “She IS the barometer for success.”

ICON can only be attained when consultants reach five specific KPIs, each of which focus on different areas of the office search process, including hitting targets based around tours, placements and revenue.

“Kirsty IS the barometer for success. If anyone is interested in how to get results, look no further.”

Jim Venables, MD

“Kirsty is all about targets… literally,” Jim continued. “I have worked with many sales consultants over the years and in many different sales environments and very few have even come close to the results she produces month in and month out (for 5 years straight). If anyone is interested in how to get results, look no further.”

Having reached all five targets in September,’s new ICON will now receive a number of privileges including a company credit card, which Kirsty can spend on her colleagues. She will also travel First Class when visiting office providers, receive a certificate on the ‘Wall of Fame’ in the head office, and specially printed business cards bearing the ICON logo.

Kirsty Lees with her ICON certificate

Chris Meredith,’s Head of UK Sales, has worked with Kirsty for many years.

“Kirsty is one of a kind… thank God!” he said. “But from a serious point of view, it’s no surprise that Kirsty has been the first to achieve ICON status. A lot of people don’t always appreciate that Kirsty has built her relationships and reputation over a number of years, and she has done some of the biggest deals in the company.

“Further to this she delivers her figures by achieving her targets month in, month out. You donΓÇÖt achieve this through fluke. She is an example of laying down a strong foundation and benefiting from those foundations for many years to come.”

A presentation took place last night (12th October) during the weekly Sales meeting, in which all consultants found out the results of their performance from last month, and Kirsty was presented with her ICON award.

To keep the status, Kirsty must now repeat the challenge and hit all five targets at least once within the next quarter.

If she consistently reaches the targets for six months in a row, she will get her own ‘Hollywood Star’ in the office complete with an award ceremony, an all-expenses-paid 5-star trip to London, and an extra day’s annual leave.

While this is a particularly challenging feat, it is still attainable – and all eyes are now on Kirsty to see if she can rise to the challenge yet again.

“It is a pleasure to work with you Kirsty,” added Jim. “You light up the room, you set the standard and you cause chaos in the process… Great!”

Speak to Kirsty direct for information on office space in Central London by contacting her on 0800 111 6 444.

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