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Keeping the Summer Sun in the Office

Keeping the Summer Sun in the Office

Soon we wave goodbye to those summer months and brace ourselves for early evenings and dark mornings, as the experts remind us to keep things light in the office.

The percentage of UK workers struggling with their productivity and energy levels rockets in winter months, due in large part to a deprivation of natural light.

According to a survey conducted by BT Wireless Broadband in 2008, as many as 22% of office workers see less than 20 minutes of natural light a day at any time of year and 65% are depressed being kept away from the sun and sky in artificially-lit offices.

In scientific studies, natural lighting has been found to improve productivity and output as well as employee happiness and motivation.

ΓÇ£Lack of sunshine or outdoors activity has an enormous effect on morale, and productivity is likely to drop at the same time,ΓÇ¥ confirms Stephen Alambritis from the Federation for Small Businesses.

ΓÇ£With a wide variety of internet access options available to office workers, and more bosses approving remote working, thereΓÇÖs never been a better time for those workers stuck at their desks to get some productive time in the sun for their boss and themselves.ΓÇ¥

But for many workers, pitching up in a field for the day is not a viable alternative to being based in the office. So what can you do to bring in the light?

ΓÇó Light bulbs: Replacing your fluorescent or standard light bulbs with daylight replicating alternatives can alter the light in your office to make it feel more like a clear, sunny day in subtle ways.

ΓÇó Light boxes: For individual workers who report feelings of depression or demotivation in the office, a light box on the desk is designed to help boost energy and mood.

ΓÇó Lunch breaks: It could come down to culture ΓÇô encourage your employees or colleagues to spend more time away from their desks and out in the real world, whatever the weather!

ΓÇó Alternatives: Other aids to motivation and productivity in the office include introducing plants and flowers, laying out healthy snacks and turning on a fan or opening a window to keep the air flowing.

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