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John Cridland: Employment Laws are “holding back” SMEs

John Cridland: Employment Laws are “holding back” SMEs

The new CBI boss wants the Government to cut red tape to help UK growth

John Cridland, the new Director-General of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), has spoken out about his new priorities and urged the Government to cut red tape surrounding employment laws, that he says is “holding back” UK SMEs.

“Clarity from the Government on employment regulations is absolutely vital for companies to take on more people and create new jobs,” he said. “I will be making it my mission as head of the CBI to shine a light on how some employment laws are holding back businesses, particularly small and medium-sized ones.”

He placed emphasis on the fact that nearly two-thirds of all new jobs are created by smaller firms, but commented that these same small businesses are “disproportionately affected” by Government decisions, including the removal of the default retirement age.
He also commented that the current tribunals system is “broken”.

Mr Cridland, who replaces Sir Richard Lambert at the CBI top spot, says that he has four main priorities including:

  • Making the UK a more attractive place to invest;
  • Encouraging more firms to export;
  • Removing barriers to job creation;
  • Continuing to tackle the fiscal deficit.
  • He praised the Government’s swift action on cutting the UK’s deficit, but says that he wants to see “relentless focus” from the Government on growth, to give businesses the confidence to invest, export and create jobs.

    “The UK is already considered a good place to invest and do business. But business investment has been set back during the recession, and to create the jobs our economy needs, we must become not just a good but a great investment destination. This will require more certainty in our planning system, delivery of a longer-term strategy for business taxation, and new ways for companies to access finance.”

    Find out more in the official CBI press release.


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