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Jo Davey Says ‘Audi’ to a Brand New Car!

Jo Davey Says ‘Audi’ to a Brand New Car!’s New Business Manager Jo Davey, who has been the driving force behind the company since day one, has today taken delivery of a new Audi A4 – the first time in her life that she has ever owned a brand new car.

Formerly, Jo had a Volkswagen which she used to get from her home in the West Midlands to the head office in Fazeley, Staffordshire. However, a couple of months ago Jo was involved in a road accident, which luckily saw her escape unscathed apart from some minor bumps and bruises. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the car which was declared a write-off.

Following the accident, Jo had to make use of a much smaller “run-around”. Normally this wouldn’t pose a problem, but as New Business Manager, Jo is responsible for getting out and about to meet prospective new clients, office providers and to forge new business partnerships with

This demands long hours and endless travelling from one location to another, often involving rush-hour traffic, busy motorways and congested carriageways. For Jo to get the most out of her visits and get from A-to-B safely and comfortably, it’s essential that she has the right transport.

So today marks a special occasion as Jo is finally able to return the hire car and take delivery of her brand new Audi A4.

“Wow! is the word,” commented Jo on receiving her delivery today. “What a beautiful car. I love the parking sensor which tells you when you are close to an object, which is especially useful in multi-story car parks!

“I have been shown all the different dials which makes it look like the inside of an aeroplane but I am sure I will get the hang of it quite quickly.”

Jo added: “It really is a beautiful car and I have had Silver Ice Metallic which shines in the sun! I am so pleased – it’s a dream.”

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