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Jade Edwards Commended for Going “above and beyond”

Jade Edwards Commended for Going “above and beyond”’s Central London Account Manager Jade Edwards, who joined the company just over a year ago, has been praised for the work she did to find a new trading floor in The City for wealth management and trader training company, London Stone Trading Ltd.

Managing Director Dean Withey initially contacted during his search for a larger trading floor as part of an expansion from the firm’s existing base. Dean viewed a number of properties that were recommended by Jade, and eventually settled on a new trading floor in the heart of the square mile.

Commenting on the search process, Dean said:

“Jade instantly understood my requirements and managed my time well, liaising with different sales personnel around the city and keeping me up-to-date with my schedule.

“Unlike other companies, she never sent me to a space that didn’t meet my requirements and never wasted my time. I never doubted her abilities and honesty.”

He said that Jade “deserves recognition”, adding: “She went above and beyond what I believe her normal duty to your company would be to find me the space I required. You can rest assured I will deal with no other company other than to find my future trading floors both in the UK and worldwide.”

Read more in the full press release here.

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