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ITV Just “weeks away” from MediaCity Deal

ITV Just “weeks away” from MediaCity Deal

Commercial TV network ITV is said to be just “weeks away” from securing a deal to move to MediaCity UK in Salford Quays, which could bring them shoulder-to-shoulder with the BBC.

ITV has staged numerous talks with MediaCity developers Peel Media. Despite breaking down last March, negotiations were revived again in January of this year following the appointment of the broadcaster’s chairman – Archie Norman – and the talks were continued in May.

ITV is reportedly now back in the boardroom with Peel Media to discuss the possibility of moving to Salford, and the latest from TheBusinessDesk suggests that the broadcaster is just weeks away from signing a deal that could see some members of ITV working in shared office space with the BBC.

Reports claim that ITV will have a purpose-built studio facility, and may also house some back office staff in an existing building to help reduce costs.

However, the broadcaster is said to be keen to hold onto its historic Granada building in Quay Street for the near future.

The BBC is moving a number of departments to MediaCity, including BBC Breakfast, Children’s and Radio 5 Live.

In August, Labour MP for Salford Hazel Blears commented that the arrival of the BBC would bring “good news” for local people and a host of new opportunities. The possibility of another major broadcaster such as ITV would likely bring yet more prosperity to the area and, as Hazel comments, would also help to relinquish the “London-centric grip” still held by so many large organisations in the UK today.

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